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My mothers first lover

Today morning i got this dream of a feeling that i am in a grave and i am a kid and its someone related to me(i guess the kids mother) i see lot of flowers and there i see three bright roses among them which was kept on the grave by this man who is not related to the person in any way.... then he starts walking away with a black coat .........when i woke up i remembered it and decided to write a poem ....called My Mother's lover or something ..... i googled to make sure no one has written such a poem ..... but i found a story in the name .... my mothers first lover ..... it was a great story

here are the links to the story

peace with yourself

Life in US has taught me a lot of things ....specially it answered a question which i had in my mind forever.i guess i finally found an answer for that in during my phd , may be its more because for the first time i am out of my very safe circle of trusted friends and family to a place where all u are valued is by ur utility to others .....

I had always thought people discuss about who is being great Steve jobs or bill gates .... but nobody talks about Steve Wozniak .... after all he was invented something called PC, it was the greatest invention of the century ......he become rich but seemed never after money, he is not as famous as the other guys .....he then went on to join a univ and taught as a professor .......this guy was a genius ....... he has not only created the electronic parts of the pc but programed it , he wrote the whole breakout in 4 days ........ but after all that his way of life is so different from the previous 2 ......

its just not this single guy but there are so many ppl i have met along my life who always made me wonder what drives them ...... after all money, name and love is what everybody is after......

the answer cannot be said or explained it has to be felt ......and the truth is there is no "answer" at all.... ... i don't know who's path i will take in the future and i don't know who is better or who is right ......... but i have been struggling ever since i have understood the reality .......


My new shoes at the party
Those flowers along the highway
The breeze that kisses my face
The music playing in my head

A passion so intense to me
And a passion so insinificant to others
That dark evil inside all of us
That noble angle in a few of us

Your dreams for me
My evaprated thoughts
My Memories that reminds me of the past
My hope that reminds me of the future

Words unsaid
Words said and unheard
Words said and heared but not understood
Words misunderstood ?

God is invisible and
I dont know if he exist
Then at times
I wonder , If i am invisible
And if he knows i exist

For i am visible
Not when u see me
For i am visible
Not when u hear me

Contemplating the desert

This is a story which i liked a lot ::: ( its not mine )

Three people who were passing in a small caravan saw a man contemplating the sunset in the Sahara desert from the top of a mountain.

"It must be a shepherd who has lost a sheep and is trying to find it," said the first.

"No, I don't think he is looking for something, especially not at sunset - that confuses your vision. I think he is waiting for a friend."

"I bet he's a holy man looking for enlightenment," commented the third.

They began to discuss what the man was doing, and got so involved in the discussion that they nearly ended up fighting with one another. Finally, to find out who was right, they decided to climb the mountain and ask the man.

"Are you looking for your sheep?" asked the first.

"No, I don't have a flock."

"Then you must be waiting for someone," claimed the second.

"I am a lonely man who lives in the desert," was the answer.

"Since you live in the desert, and in solitude, then we have to believe that you are a holy man in search of God, and you are meditating!" asserted the third man, content with this conclusion.

"Does everything on Earth need to have an explanation? So let me explain: I am here just looking at the sunset: isn't that enough to lend a meaning to our lives?

Nomads Dream

There is a prelude for this poem. It was written when i was 21 the time i guess when u r nearing the end of ur childhood and the start of ur adulthood or is it ?

Am I in the End of a Beginning?
Or the Beginning of an End?
In this strange journey of life

My only reason to live
My only reason to go on
Is not to be, what I already am!

Dreams and
The true nomads

They laugh at me all the time
In my nomadic dreams
At the things I am missing

And I ask them,
How can u miss something when
You don't know what you are missing?

Can u miss someone you don't remember?

A nomad's journey never begins
A nomad's journey never ends
His home is nowhere
I am in the middle of nowhere

Death can stop the journey,
But it may not end it, for
The heart will die slower than the thought