The worst thing about being in Newyork (and sometimes the best thing) is the snow. I love walking and had been missing it for a while now. Its a great relief that finally the sun has come back and u could enjoy ur walk in the streets.

It makes me feel i am a part of this world.

i remember in my school days when i dont walk with my friends back from school, i would choose a stone on the road near the school, and hit it slowly through all the streets to my home. Sometimes i would just watch the people on the road. trying to figure out what they would be thinking about that exact moment. why do they move their head like that ? why do they converse with other people walking with them the way they do ? u eventually learn to decode all this stuff (and spend rest of ur life wondering why the hell did i try to learn it !!!! )

then there is the occasional treasure hunt of finding a wierd insect , or a eggsheel of an unknown animal or just a beatiful flower on the roadside which deserves a lot of attention. I always felt sorry for those roadside flowers, their beauty were not just to attract insects to spread pollen(GEEK ALERT !!) but then me also. i was their biggest fan and always felt it was just for me. I was a confused kid ....i did not know if letting the flowers on the bushes makes me happy or taking them with me to my home.

but then to see the wide sky and feel what a small part are u in the whole universe in another thing. if somebody is having delutions of grandeur .......just look at the sky in a starry night !!!!

Am back

hmmm lets get this blog started again !!!!