The Invention of Morality - Precursor

When i was in my 10th grade i was introduced to Mahatma Gandhi's "My experiments with truth" and i think i was more troubled by it that anything. If i ever meet Gandhi i always wanted to ask him why did he call his book that way ? "Experiments". As i grow up, i think ( a huge assumption) i understand why he called it that way. Because there is nothing like an ultimate truth, there is nothing like an ultimate singular moral life to be lived.

Everybody will face a situation when they will have to Invent their own morality. Our choices invent our morality. We do it everyday when we choose to hide the truth from the people we love so that we dont hurt them. We do it when we are proud of our military. We do it when we buy that very expensive dress/gadget we have been longing for ages when we know there are people dieing of starvation. And many more ways we haven't yet realized. Yes i am an hypocrite.

The problem is that we dont have a book of right and wrong. Nobody knows about it, Nobody is perfect, no situation is perfect, no relationship is perfect.(geek alert) There is no perfect single crystal in existance.

The invention of morality happens in those moments of life when things are beyond our control. These would be my short stories to depict some of those situations, that bound only by the hard choices people have to make. The morality is in the eyes of the beholder, beyond those purple glasses and the grey mask he is wearing.