Questions and Answers

Questions and answers have always had a complex relationship. One does not exist without the other but then, they are also polar opposites. Answers have always been the rockstars in this relationship, while the questions seldom reveal themselves once the Answer shows up. A Perfect question with a wrong answer at the right time solves more problem then a perfect answer to a wrong question.

Nobody shouts "Eureka, Eureka" and runs naked in the street for coming up with a great question. Nobody is given a better grade for writing an intelligent question in their exam sheets. Maybe we should.

Why, What , How , When and who ?

I have been searching for answers to a lot of question a long time. A what will lead to an How and an How leads to a why ?. I hate the Why's, they are a dead end. I have realized that i will never find the answer to these questions of mine. I began to think that the questions would never die without a successful answer, and die they must for my happiness. I couldn't have been more wrong for Questions seldom die when we find an answer, it only dies when we choose not to pursue it. For that factor so do many things in life; love, ambition and success are few more things that never die unless we choose not to pursue it.

The only way to happiness with these unanswerable questions in life seems to be the way to enjoy the questions themselves and the pursuit of the answer itself.

This post was Inspired by a Neil deGrasse Tyson Quote
"Answers are a luxury enjoyed only every now and then. So early on, learn to love the questions themselves."