Colors of Life

Holi is a fun festival. The thing that interests me more, is that everyone uses the phrase the phrase they use to wish everybody on this day.

So what are the colors of Life ? I guess i has to do with the way we associate colors with our emotions. An evolutionary remnant ?

Should you paint me in red, when i am angry. Should you paint me in Blue, when i am at peace. Is just one color enough to paint someone anytime ?

Even if we paint a very complete picture of such emotions, will that be enough ? Maybe we could use 10 different colors or maybe 100 different colors, even a million colors . Will it be enough then ?

What if i paint with a million colors and you can see the world only in black, white and the shades of grey ? What if i could only paint with a 8 color palette and you can see all the faults with your million color palette. Maybe the key is not to paint a picture rich in colors but to use the right colors so that the people around us can see the same picture as we intended it to be seen.

If i am the only one who can enjoy my painting, Is it still a good painting ? Are colors of our lives, as colorful, if we could never share it with anybody else.