The bridges we build.....

Why we do, What we do ! Afterall all of us are building a bridge of our be usefull for someone else....or Are we ?

It is a strange question, It can either act as an moral compass for the decisions we make in our lives or even make us drown under the pressure of answering it honestly. The real danger of asking these question, is the state of Paralysis by Analysis. Asking the question is one thing but then answering it honestly, takes it to a whole different level. It is hard to leave the shadow of a lie we have convinced ourselves to believe in.

Sometimes doing things for no apparent reason feels good as well and seems to be the only way to move forward and be happy. But then i really wonder if things happen without a reason, is there an effect without an cause ? The reason sleeps deep in our subconscious. We all have our reasons, but we may not be able to put a finger on it every time.