Rain or No rain

It was the summer of 2001. There was a severe drought in chennai and we did not have any water in our wells. Every drop of water had to come from outside from a common borewell pump. So i had to pump water mannually and bring them on cycle to my home. It was one of the worst times, and i remember how everybody in my family suffered and spent so much time to have water in the house. It was so much demaning physically and emotionally as everybody in the street is competing for the limited water.

I wished for rain so much that, it was the only thing i prayed for.

It is the Fall of 2008. Fall has done its magic and the leaves had turned into multiple colors, job well donw fall. But then something happened which ruined it all. It had rained for the last couple of days and due to the rain the dry leaves of fall had fallen down faster than usual. The trees are not as beautiful now.

And then i said "stupid rain it spoiled the whole fall colors !!! " before i realised the irony.

I guess thats life. I was thinking about the usual confution , When people from two nations in war pray for a win what does GOD do ?