sometimes i think about the distorted definitions around us and think that is the source of all problems in this world. and when i say defenitions i dont mean the oxford dictionary but about how things are percieved.

For starters

Success. the notion of sucess is i guess so distorted that its not in anyway related to how you look in your own eyes. Ironically it has to do more with how others percieve you. So to earn other people's attention people begin to cross a line in the sand between the right and wrong and finally the line is no more there even if they want to find it, after a while.

I can blog about a lot of other words........ beauty , rich , poor , friends ......... the list goes on...... may be the most distorted one would be .......The right and the wrong..... the thing that benefits one is right and the wrong is the thing which will not benifit one.........ha ha .... as simple as that ...... defenitions !!!!

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