Few things

There are few things i enjoy a lot , like listening to someone who is really intelligent and makes a lot of sense when they talk - who knows what they want in their life, a good book, a night at the beach, a good discussion with a friend, good food, a destination-less walk, a well made movie and a couple of other things :). In the list the only thing i get to do often is to watch a well made movie, other things are pretty rare.

In that list i recently watched a movie called Bella. It was a wonderful movie and i liked a scene from it particularly a lot. The main characters in the plot meet a blind beggar who makes paper art in the street. He asks one of the charactor "Would you like one of these paper art frog ?". She doesn't have any cash so she replies can not buy it. Then he tells her that he could give her one for free if she spends some time describing the surrounding to him. she is glad and starts describing the surrounding, "Its the usual city nothing special , everybody hurrying to their work, as usual the cars are running fast in a hurry , the usual signals and stuff.. nothing big" ..... the blind begger replies. "wow i wish i could see that!"

Sometimes the things we take for granted , the small things left unsaid can change and cheer someone else day. I rememeber i wrote a poem once in this theame (http://memoirsofanomad.blogspot.com/2007/05/invisibility.html) .And u can find a similar incident in Ab blog too(http://worldofabhijit.blogspot.com/2008/06/moment-to-appreciate.html)

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Abhijit said...

yup very true...
I read your poem after reading this post.... I liked following four lines... I wish..I could elaborate them someday..

"Words unsaid
Words said and unheard
Words said and heared but not understood
Words misunderstood ?"