Reopening Day

I have been in school for 3 years now. As usual we(all the students) were sitting in this colloquium after the summer break. And somehow i got reminded of my first days in school when new students came this year.

During my first few months i never understood these lectures from professors who were from various universities. As i would not understand i would ask people around me what does it mean by X, Y or Z or whats the concept behind it. Later i learned the trick of the trade that even if you don't understand you shouldn't ask these question, because you are letting others know that you don't know stuff. May be i am novice in thinking otherwise but maybe that IS how world works.

But there is something else which seems more valuable to me > the joy of knowing new things, a new concept, a new theory, a new word, a new gesture(or gang sign :)).... a new person. So if you don't dig deeper be happy to miss those diamonds you may find in the mines.

Some of the most interesting people i have found always had this great thirst to know stuff, their interest may vary from different food items to latest software to quantum physics. These are one of those simple things you can use to know a person better. (another simple method is to see how they shop in a supermarket or clothing store..... think about it !!! )

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