My new shoes at the party
Those flowers along the highway
The breeze that kisses my face
The music playing in my head

A passion so intense to me
And a passion so insinificant to others
That dark evil inside all of us
That noble angle in a few of us

Your dreams for me
My evaprated thoughts
My Memories that reminds me of the past
My hope that reminds me of the future

Words unsaid
Words said and unheard
Words said and heared but not understood
Words misunderstood ?

God is invisible and
I dont know if he exist
Then at times
I wonder , If i am invisible
And if he knows i exist

For i am visible
Not when u see me
For i am visible
Not when u hear me


Kutti said...
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auto said...

well what if ur title "invisibility" was invisible for me till the 10th time or so i read it....well it happened and things made sense only when i cud see it... :)