Nomads Dream

There is a prelude for this poem. It was written when i was 21 the time i guess when u r nearing the end of ur childhood and the start of ur adulthood or is it ?

Am I in the End of a Beginning?
Or the Beginning of an End?
In this strange journey of life

My only reason to live
My only reason to go on
Is not to be, what I already am!

Dreams and
The true nomads

They laugh at me all the time
In my nomadic dreams
At the things I am missing

And I ask them,
How can u miss something when
You don't know what you are missing?

Can u miss someone you don't remember?

A nomad's journey never begins
A nomad's journey never ends
His home is nowhere
I am in the middle of nowhere

Death can stop the journey,
But it may not end it, for
The heart will die slower than the thought

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Srix said...

I am becoming your fan .